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Data for Statewide, Metro, and Non-metro areas
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County Data:
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Technical Notes for OES estimates.
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Data for Statewide, Metro, and Non-metro areas

County Data:
Apache County XLS | PDF
Cochise County XLS | PDF
Coconino County XLS | PDF
Gila County XLS | PDF
Graham County XLS | PDF
Greenlee County XLS | PDF
La Paz County XLS | PDF
Maricopa County XLS | PDF
Mohave County XLS | PDF
Navajo County XLS | PDF
Pima County XLS | PDF
Pinal County XLS | PDF
Santa Cruz County XLS | PDF
Yavapai County XLS | PDF
Yuma County XLS | PDF
Statewide Data:
Arizona Statewide XLS | PDF
Metro Area Data:
Flagstaff MSA XLS | PDF
Lake Havasu MSA XLS | PDF
Phoenix MSA XLS | PDF
Prescott MSA XLS | PDF
Tucson MSA XLS | PDF
Dictionaries & Guides:
Dictionary by SOC Code
Dictionary by SOC Titles
SOC User Guide
BLS program page for OES
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NOTE -- OES data not intended as a time series:
Although the OES survey methodology is designed to create detailed cross-sectional employment and wage estimates for the U.S., States, metropolitan and nonmetropolitan areas, across industry and by industry, it is less useful for comparisons of two or more points in time. Challenges in using OES data as a time series include changes in the occupational, industrial, and geographical classification systems, changes in the way data are collected, changes in the survey reference period, and changes in mean wage estimation methodology, as well as permanent features of the methodology.
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About Occupational Employment Statistics (OES)

The OES program measures the number of people employed in each occupation and also provides information about their wages. Estimates are produced for the states, Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), and non-metropolitan areas. Arizona also provides unofficial estimates for counties. Employment estimates exclude people who are self-employed. Occupations are classified according to the Standard Occupational Classification system (SOC).

Information about occupations is collected in a semi-annual survey of establishments. Estimates are released annually and are based on the previous three years of survey data. Wage information for the first two years is adjusted for inflation based on information from the National Compensation Survey.

Data Tools

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BEA Data Tables

A compilation of Bureau of Economic Analysis data:

Arizona Statewide Personal Income & Earnings by Industry (1990-2012)
XLS  updated: Jan. 2014

Personal Income & Earnings by Industry for Arizona Counties
XLS  updated Oct. 2013
Summary income components by NAICS industry classification and place of work for Arizona counties and metro areas (2001-2011)

Arizona Regional Economic Profile
XLS  updated: jan. 2013
Summary of income data and related information by place of residence for Arizona, its counties, and metro areas for 2011.

Average Wage Per Job
XLS  updated: jan. 2013
Average annual wage per job for Arizona counties and U.S. States for 1991 through 2011.

Arizona Gross Domestic Product by Industry; Overall State GDP; Overall Real State GDP
XLS UPDATED: Dec. 2013
As of the October 26, 2006 release, the Bureau of Economic Analysis renamed the gross state product (GSP) series to gross domestic product (GDP) by state. Arizona GDP is a measurement of Arizona's output from all industries in the state. By Standard Industrial Clasification (SIC), 1977-1997; By North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), 1997-2012.

U. S. Gross Domestic Product by Industry
The market value of goods and services produced by labor and property in the United States, regardless of nationality; GDP replaced GNP as the primary measure of U.S. production in 1991; By North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS), 1997-2012

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National Compensation Survey [BLS.GOV]
National Compensation Survey (NCS) provides comprehensive measures of occupational wages; employment cost trends, and benefit incidence and detailed plan provisions. Detailed occupational earnings are available for metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas, broad geographic regions, and on a national basis.

National Compensation Survey Arizona Data [BLS.GOV]