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Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)

Program Description

The LAUS program measures employment, unemployment, the labor force and the unemployment rate. Estimates are produced for the states, Metropolitan Statistical Areas, counties, and cities with population over 25,000. Arizona also provides unofficial estimates for smaller cities. The program only considers people who are actively looking for work as unemployed. Self-employed people are included in the employment estimates.

The principal source of information for the LAUS program is the Current Population Survey, also known as the household survey. However, the employment estimates are not direct survey estimates, but are produced by a model that also considers information about unemployment insurance claims and estimated current employment. Estimates are released monthly. Revisions are made the following month and a benchmark revision is made at the end of each year.

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Query tool for retrieving LAUS data in a format listing labor force, employment, unemployment and unemployment rate on separate rows for different time periods: Link to tool UPDATED JUly-17-2014

Area Year Period Seasonal Adjustment Labor Force Employment Unemployment Unemp. Rate
Arizona 1976 January Seasonally Adjusted 956,025 855,362 100,663 10.5%
Arizona 1976 February Seasonally Adjusted 958,407 859,680 98,727 10.3%
Arizona 1976 March Seasonally Adjusted 961,809 865,199 96,609 10.0%
Arizona 1976 April Seasonally Adjusted 966,066 871,507 94,559 9.8%

Query tool for retrieving monthly LAUS data in a series format listing labor force, employment, unemployment or unemployment rate in a single row: Link to toolUPDATED JUly-17-2014

    Labor Force
Area Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Arizona 1976 956,025 958,407 961,809 966,066 971,252 977,235 983,739 990,171 996,062 1,001,368 1,006,394 1,011,291
Arizona 1977 1,016,335 1,021,208 1,025,934 1,030,908 1,036,274 1,041,849 1,047,373 1,052,185 1,055,858 1,057,859 1,058,435 1,058,311
Arizona 1978 1,058,378 1,059,529 1,062,284 1,066,349 1,071,473 1,077,391 1,083,750 1,090,434 1,097,601 1,105,612 1,114,336 1,122,636
Arizona 1979 1,129,449 1,134,136 1,136,941 1,138,892 1,141,200 1,144,911 1,150,693 1,158,526 1,167,482 1,176,222 1,184,364 1,192,293


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The Special Unemployment Report includes estimates by state, county, city and town. Estimates for unincorporated cities and towns have been discontinued. There is now a better resource for small area employment estimates through the American Community Survey (ACS).
The ACS now includes five year averages of employment and unemployment for all areas, including all Census Designated Places. These estimates are available through the Census website at If you need additional assistance locating ACS data, please contact Allen Barnes (
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